What I’ll be watching | Charlotte at FAU | October 3, 2020

by Oct 2, 2020Football

I’m cautiously optimistic that this game will happen as I write this. I’ll fully believe it happens tomorrow at kickoff when both teams are present…

FAU, the reigning CUSA champs, have not yet played a game this season. Charlotte comes in 0-1 and have had their last 2 games canceled/postponed due to COVID. Charlotte has won both games they’ve played in Boca Raton, while losing all 3 at Jerry Richardson Stadium.

Where to watch?

Time: 4pm ET
Channel: ESPNU

Odds by Book

As of 1pm, October 2nd, 2020

What I’m watching

  • How healthy is Reynolds? Has his upper-body injury healed enough to leverage a vertical passing game?
  • Offensive line, do we have our full compliment of bodies? We seemed to be stronger on offense when Timmons was at RG and Crawford was at RT. How much rotating goes on?
  • Let’s be honest, the WR rooms didn’t have a great performance at Appalachian State, can they bounceback in the Sunshine State? Victor Tucker shining in his home state sounds good to me.
  • Harbison + McAllister, whats that carry ratio look like after this game? I’d love to see us involve these guys in the passing game more.
  • At Appalachian State true Freshman Taylor Thompson shined. Our TEs have primarily been blocking types, do we finally have a threat there? Donta Armstrong, another true freshman, has promising potential there as well.

What I’m watching

  • Tyler Murray + Ben Deluca. The duo totaled 30 tackles in game 1. What kind of encore do they have in store? Both are Florida kids
  • Markees Watts, is he a go with his lower-body injury? If there is any good news with the cancelations/postponements, it’s giving him (hopefully) adequate time to heal.
  • I don’t think there are any doubts Nick Tronti is a run-first type of QB. Can we limit the run enough and force him to beat us in the air? If it comes down to Tronti’s arm, I think that will mean Charlotte stands a chance to win one on the road.
  • Marcus West’s defense created more turnovers again? They forced 3 in Boone, 1 interception and 2 fumbles, including one at the goal line.

What I’m watching

  • Same as what I had here for the UNC-CH & Georgia State games…. It was a hell of a debut for Charles Bankins group in Boone. What does the encore have in store?
  • More explosive plays? McAllister shined with his record-setting kickoff return for a TD.
  • Continue erasing punt returns? At Appalachian State we had 4 punts, only 2 returned for a total of 1 yard.
  • Cruz on PATs, need to look more steady there.

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