Thank you

by Jan 8, 2024Athletics

As some know by now, I’ll be shutting down the subscription side of Agent 49 effective immediately. I hope someone out there looks to fill the void and keep Niner Nation in the loop, but I’ve had my run and have decided now is as good as any to move on.

What’s next for me?

I hope to continue blogging and covering things at a distance as my time/interest permits, but I don’t feel like I have the bandwidth or enough consistent information, to continue the subscription side of things. Instead, I’m going to focus more time on things that directly impact myself and my family; professional development and more importantly, quality time with family and friends.

A note for subscribers

I’ve turned off all plans, and any that were set as auto-renew have been disabled, so there is no action needed from your end.

If you have a question, my DMs are open as always. I hope my efforts had a positive impact on your fandom, fan engagement and creating a deeper connection to the university and our programs has always the goal.

Go Niners 🤙🏻,