Takeaways from Charlotte’s loss at Louisiana Tech

by Nov 15, 2021Football

Takeaways from Charlotte's loss at Louisiana Tech
Takeaways from Charlotte's loss at Louisiana Tech

Let’s jump right into my takeaways from Charlotte’s 42-32 loss at the hands of Louisiana Tech over the weekend.

Takeaway 1

Charlotte’s road woes continue as they fell to 5-5 overall, 1-4 on the road. With that 1 win coming at FIU, who has not won an FBS game since November 23rd, 2019. Healy’s program is 4-12 on the road overall, to take things to the next level they have to find a way to be more competitive on the road.

On the road Charlotte is allowing 34.9ppg vs FBS programs in the Healy era, while scoring 24.8ppg on the road. At home Charlotte is scoring 31.5 and allowing 29.7.

Takeaway 2

The defense can’t get off the field in 3rd down situations. Louisiana Tech was 7 for 10 on 3rd down, and 1 for 1 on 4th down.

Opponents 3rd down conversion percentage in Healy era
(FBS games only, via TeamRankings.com)

2021: 45.37% (113th)
2020: 46.38% (105th)
2019: 43.79% (98th)

Takeaway 3

After seeing Victor Tucker suffer what seems to be back-to-back concussions I hope that Tucker is shut down for the season. Only way I could see im coming back would be if Charlotte gets bowl eligible and he has a month or so off to recover. It’ll be interesting to see if this impacts his preseason declaration that this would be his final season.

Takeaway 4

This was the most aggressive I recall us being early in a game on offense in trying to get into the end zone. I feel that’s due to the pressure of having to score almost every possession to keep pace with our opponents. Certainly not an ideal situation to be in if you are Charlotte’s Offensive Coordinator Mark Carney.

Takeaway 5

This isn’t news, Chris Reynolds is an absolute gamer. He put threw for 448 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 pick (which was in the redzone). In what I feel is one of the biggest questions heading into this offseason, will Reynolds come back for his “super Senior” season?

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