Season Opening Two-Deep Thoughts

by Aug 25, 2022Football

Photo credit: Chris Crews

Let’s take a look at the Charlotte Football Two-Deep

You can view the two-deep in the official game notes, or check out the screenshot with this pos:

I’ll drop some quick-hitters below, but I also like to exercise caution with these. They are great for fan fodder, but there is also gamesmanship with these. You could have guys on here that are hurt, ineligible, or event a guy not listed to either throw off an opponent, or to provide a motivational message to a specific player to focus more on their preparation during the week.

Offensive thoughts

  • The OR’s at RB and TE are abundant.
  • For TE’s we like to run TE heavy packages at times, so not surprised here. Thompson and Minter are both more hybrid TE/WR types. Clemmons is more of a blocker-type.
  • I’m hoping 1 RB takes hold of the spot, but we have 3 solid options. I’m keeping my eye on McEachern, at times he just has a different look to his game.
  • OL depth is young, I just don’t feel we can sustain many injuries here before it really takes it toll on our potential.

Defensive thoughts

  • All positions except for Defensive End have OR’s…
  • Shyhiem Scotland moved to S from LB
  • Stone Handy, recently added to roster, not listed
  • Isaac Washington, recently added to roster, is listed
  • Realistically there are so many unknowns all over the place on this side of the ball. Last years issues have been well-documented. Was it lack of talent or coaching/scheme-related? Gulp, both? FAU is certainly a tough test out of the gate for this group, but I’m nervously excited to see how they perform. Perhaps the unknowns surrounding our scheme play to our advantage in this one. But as always, 2nd-half adjustments will be huge.
  • We’re really young at the DT spot, so we’re going to need some guys to grow up fast here.

Special thoughts

  • If you are looking at Victor Tucker and the “1/49” listed, from hearing Coach Healy talk, Tucker will be wearing #49 on Punt Returns only as a way to honor Devin Kiser and his family. You can learn more about this here in Nick Carboni’s (WCNC) tweet with video. #RoarDevin
  • 3 kickers are listed, though I fully expect this to be a battle between Zita and McAlister, though I could see Laros come into play on kickoffs.
  • Excited to watch Byrd fly around on kickoff returns.


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