My questions for Mike Hill on the Charlotte 49ers coaching search

by Oct 24, 2022Football

Photo credit: UNC Charlotte

With the firing over the weekend of Will Healy as the Charlotte 49ers Football Head Coach, Director of Athletics Mike Hill has started the search for a new leader for the Niners program as they head into the American Athletic Conference (AAC) next season. Every hire is critical for a program, but with the move to the AAC and struggles of Mike Hill’s hires for Football and Men’s Basketball so far, the importance for Hill to get this right is paramount.

I can’t make the press conference today, but here’s what I’d ask Mike:

Will you be using a search firm to help with the process? Why would I ask that you might say, having one in place last time could have helped solidify the deal with Mike Houston.

What is your timeline? Clearly there are potential candidates that are still employed elsewhere, are we willing to wait out the season before deciding?

Will Healy make approximately $800k per season, those coaching salaries in the AAC are double that. Are we positioned to be competitive for a 200% jump in salary?

What about assistant pool, I know we made strides there after Healy was hired, but it’s another area that will require a substantial resource jump in the AAC.

Since the change is happening well in advance of the early signing period, are we going to restart this recruiting class and let all commits know that we’re starting fresh with the new staff?

Let me know on Twitter what you would like to know about the upcoming process.

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