Monmouth at Charlotte

Game info


7:00pm ET

Charlotte -5.5

Yes, it’s that time again to decide if you want to do or look for options elsewhere… For the record, both games this week are on, and 2 more in December before Christmas. If you want to go the route, I recommend a monthly subscribption for this month and next month, just don’t forget to cancel it before Santa comes to town.

What I’ll be watching

all season long


Last year Charlotte was one of the slowest tempo teams in the nation. With the makeup of our team, I’d love to see the pace picked up a bit to take advantage of a guy like Jahmir Young.

Adjusted Tempo in the Sanchez era
Season Possessions/40mins Ranking
2020-2021 62.7 351
2019-2020 65.5 307
2018-2019 64.5 325


Offensive Rebounds

Charlotte’s always going to be a defensive-first team with Sanchez at the helm, that’s a given. Due to the desire to get back on defense, offensive rebounding suffers.

Offensive Rebounding % in the Sanchez era
Season Off. Rebs %
2020-2021 20.5% 310
2019-2020 19.9% 332
2018-2019 19.3% 332


Worth noting: If I’m not mistaken Charlotte secured almost 1/3 of their misses vs Georgia in their exhibition, so perhaps this is an area where Charlotte will be more assertive this season. This is an area where Holy Cross transfer Austin Butler can shine with his non-stop motor.


When you play at such a deliberate pace, the impact of turnovers is amplified, so hopefully this an area that will trend in our favor this year with such a talented group of guards.

Turnover % in the Sanchez era
Season Turnover %
2020-2021 19.8% 245
2019-2020 20.3% 299
2018-2019 21.5% 327


Worth noting: I’m not sure the amount of possessions in the scrimmage, but Charlotte had single-digit turnovers, a great sign.

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