Critical stretch looms for Sanchez and Charlotte

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Critical stretch looms

Is this be make or break time for Ron Sanchez?

As it stands today, Ron Sanchez‘s Charlotte 49ers are 14-12 overall and 7-7 in C-USA play. As year 4 winds down, Sanchez is 47-62 (.431) overall record at Charlotte, and a 27-39 (.409) in C-USA. After what appeared to be turning the corner in 2019-2020 (10-8 in conference) and looking poised to compete at a high-level in the conference tourney (COVID called curtains on The Curtain), things have stagnated since with no consistent signs of momentum.


Ron Sanchez

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Charlotte has a favorable setup down the stretch and projects a 3-1 finish to close things out, which would put CLT at 17-13 (10-8). Right now they give Charlotte a 16% chance to win out vs FIU, FAU, Middle Tennessee and @ Southern Miss. CLT won handily at FIU (81-68), but was trounced at FAU (96-67), and easily defeated in Murfeesboro (78-63). The odds for CLT winning the head-to-head matchups are as follows: FIU (74%), FAU (52.6%), Middle Tennessee (53.3%) and @ Southern Miss (74.9%).

Charlotte HAS to finish strong, and the opportunity is there. The locals are restless, and I personally feel there needs to be a strong finish to the regular season, plus a win or 2 down in Frisco. Otherwise Charlotte Director of Athletics will find himself in a precarious position. Will he have seen enough to believe that Sanchez is the right person to lead Charlotte as we prepare for the move to the American Athletic Conference, or will he fill its the right time to chart a new direction and give someone a year to get ready for the move?

What happens if Hill makes a move?

Ron Sanchez is under contract until March 31, 2026, and Charlotte would be responsible for his base salary ($450,000 annually) until the end of his contract. Ultimately, Charlotte would be on the hook for around $1,800,000; due to the terms of the agreement Charlotte does not have to pay his supplemental salary for the years terminated ($225,000).

Any salary + benefits earned by Sanchez with any NCAA or professional team, or television/radio analyst/broadcaster, will minimize what he’s owed from Charlotte.

Any unpaid compensation (base/supplemental) would be due within 30 days of termination, and payments for future years would be due on March 31st of each year (through March 2026).

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