Charlotte Media Day: Healy stresses building a winning culture

by Aug 9, 2021Football

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As the Charlotte 49ers prepare for another season on the gridiron, there are a plethora of storylines surrounding the program. Who will get the starting running back position with Aaron McAllister and Tre Harbison III gone? Will it be Shadrick Byrd, Calvin Camp, or any of the other backs on the team? Although this is just one of many questions that many 49er faithful have, some of the answers to the questions are not yet known or decided.

Head Coach Will Healy is focused on building a winning culture that excites the players and makes them want to work hard every day and be a part of. He wants to have the facilities in place to be able to win over recruits when they visit.

“We would ultimately like to build a facility that gives us the opportunity to win recruits when they step out onto the field,” Healy said when addressing the media. “You win on this city, you win on a vision, and you win on this university,” he added.

Healy does not want his team to take things they have for granted. He wants his team to appreciate improvements that they are making to the facilities. The ultimate goal is for players to come back years in the future and to step back and think wow, and to realize just how far the program has come.

Orginal rendering with 40,000 seats after expansion

“We have seen a little bit of this already when we had Cam Clark and Nate (Davis) come back and speak.” “‘You have no idea,’” Healy said Clark and Davis exclaimed to the team. When these players, now in the NFL, come back and see the improvements and comment on it, it then resonates with the current players how good they have it.

One thing that many coaches in all sports face at all levels, whether it be division one, two, or three is the transfer portal. Coaches have to recruit for the future and recruit their current players to want to stay with the program. Healy resembled this in his statements, “You’re not just recruiting the 2022’s, you are recruiting the 2021 team to come back again.”

Winning games will come a lot easier when the winning culture is first set in place. Healy is focused on that, and he wants to get the facilities in place for that as well. There is just under a month left until the 49ers kick off their 2021 season against Duke, and Healy and his staff will do everything they can to make sure their team is ready come September 3rd.

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