Projecting Charlotte’s depth chart

by Aug 31, 2021Football



Chris Reynolds, RS Junior
James Foster, RS Sophomore

Running Backs

Calvin Camp
Shadrick Byrd
Chavon McEachern
Chavion Smith

Wide Receiver

Vic Tucker
Cam Dollar
Elijah Spencer
Keith Pearson
Grant Dubose
Jairus Mack

Tight End

Ryan Carriere
Taylor Thompson
Donta Armstrong

Left Tackle

Jaxon Hughes
Chibueze Nwanna

Left Guard

D’mitri Emmanuel
Panda Askew


Hunter Kelly
Ashton Gist

Right Guard

Ashton Gist
Dejan Rauso

Right Tackle

TJ Moore
Dejan Rauso


Defensive Ends

Markees Watts
Kofi Wardlow
Michael Kelly

Defensive Tackles

Josh Bailey
Jalar Holley (if cleared)
Bryan Wallace
Dez Morgan
Josiah Sao


Tyler Murray
Luke Martin
Justin Whisenhunt
BJ Turner
Prince Bemah


Geo Howard
Shedrick Ursery
Trey Creamer
Lance McMillan
JJ Jones


Jon Alexander
Davondre Robinson
Solomon Rogers
Antone Williams

Special Teams


Jonathan Cruz


Bailey Rice


Geo Howard
Vic Tucker
Elijah Spencer
Henry Rutledge

Official 2-deep from Charlotte 49ers Football

You can find the game notes here.

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