Charlotte topples App State on the road: My takeaways

by Nov 19, 2021Basketball

Charlotte topples App State
Charlotte topples App State

Ron Sanchez and his Charlotte 49ers Basketball team held off a second-half surge from App State to reach the 3-0 mark for the first time in his tenure. You can check out Cameron Williams postgame thoughts here: read it now.

My takeaways

1. Jahmir Young is just a dude. We already knew this, but the clutchness factor from Mir was on full display last night. Look no further than the dagger below. His show was poetic as the announcers were talking earlier during the game about how he wasn’t a good outside shooter.

News flash, he’s a proven commodity and did his thing last night.

2. Redshirt Freshman Aly Khalifa looks to be the ideal big man to run Ron Sanchez and companies offense. You must have a skilled passer at the 5 spot, and they’ve seemingly found that with Aly. He was down-right surgical in the Holmes Convocation Center last night with 7 assists.

3. Second-half droughts are still haunting us. Austin Butler scored a layup last night to put CLT up 54-38 with 13:53 remaining. The Niners didn’t score again until the 7:09 mark, by then that bucket regained the lead 56-55. Simply can’t sustain droughts like this and look to consistently win, especially on the road.

 That said, the guys found a way to fight this one out and bring the W back to Charlotte. Learning lessons from winning sure as hell beats the alternative…

4. Last night felt like a good glimpse of Jackson Threadgill’s potential. He’s a solid defenisve player, but we saw the athleticism on full display last night when he got a YAM on the break, plus the foul.

What’s next?

Charlotte travels to Bahama’s to compete in the Baha Mar Hoops tournament where they are competing in the Nassau Championship bracket. The Niners are set to tipoff vs Toledo on Monday, November 23rd at 12pm ET on Flo Sports.

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