Charlotte 49ers Men's Basketball hollds of Monmouth's late surge

Charlotte defeated the Monmouth Hawks on Tuesday night after leading wire-to-wire, but they did let a 15 point lead in the 2nd half get down to a 1 possession game late. That said, they didn’t falter and got the job done to close out the game with a W. Add in that Jahmir Young wasn’t quite as effective as he normally is, a great sign to find a way to win.

Takeaway 1

Clyde Trapp Jr. give Charlotte a bonafide threat opposite of Jahmir Young. Trapp, whose approaching 1,000 career points, transferred in from Clemson and provide another dynamic option at Guard that is capable of scoring at all 3 levels.

Takeaway 2

Charlotte valued the ball, only committing 7 turnovers vs a physical and aggressive Hawks defense. I talked in my pregame/season piece that it has been an issue for Charlotte so far under Sanchez. The turnover rate in this was 10.5% as opposed to being around 20% in the previous seasons. Let’s hope that is a positive sign for the future.

Takeaway 3

 Depth. This is the deepest team we’ve had under Sanchez, and we’re still missing 2 players: Brice Williams and Musa Jallow are still out and Jallow appears that he’ll be back sooner than Williams at this point. Jallow is a defensive-first minded glue guy and we’ve seen Williams’ ability to be a nice #2 behind Young.

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