Will Healy, Charlotte 49ers Head Coach

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Let’s talk compensation and buyout details

First things first, here are the links to Charlotte 49ers Football coach Will Healy’s initial contract (memorandum of understanding) and then his extension.

First Contract (MOU)

The current contract runs through January 31, 2026.

Compensation info:

  • Base salary is $505,000
  • Additional compensations via Athletic Foundation is $250,000
  • Retention bonus of $50,000 is due if employed at Charlotte on February 15 in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Without factoring in on-the-field bonuses or perks (cell phone, club membership, car, etc), Healy is set to earn $805,000 per year as of now.

Buyout information:

Should Healy leave before Charlotte prior to January 31, 2021, he will owe Charlotte 1.25 times his base salary, which is $631,250. If he leaves on or after January 31, 2021, he will owe Charlotte 1.0 times his base salary, which is $505,000 and forfeit any unpaid additional compensation, except for 1 incentive (more on that in a bit). Additionally, if Healy leaves for another FBS program, that program will owe Charlotte a home-and-home within 6 years. That program can buyout said series and the cost will equal that of his buyout amount.

Potential buyout funds for Charlotte are the following amounts:

Before January 31, 2021: Minimum of $631,250, maximum of $1,262,500.
On or after January 31, 2021: Minimum of $505,000, maximum of $1,010,000.


Previously I referenced an incentive that would not be withheld from Healy in the future (eligible for this one after 2022 season). If Healy wins 21 or more regular season games in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 seasons, and remains employed through the final regular season game in 2022, he will earn a $500,000 bonus. This one doesn’t seem attainable at this point.

Regular season incentives:

Final Top 25 AP or Coaches Ranking: $35,000
Final Top 15 AP or Coaches Ranking: $50,000
Final Top 10 AP or Coaches Ranking: $75,000
Win over a Top 25 Power 5 Team: $20,000
C-USA Division Championship (win/tie): $15,000

Postseason play incentives:

C-USA Championship Game Win: $25,000
At-large Bowl Selection: $25,000
Bowl Game Win: $30,000
CFP New Year’s Six Bowl (Group of 5 representative): $100,000
CFP Semifinal Appearance: $250,000
National Championship Game Appearance: $250,000
National Championship Win: $500,000
C-USA or AFCA Region Coach of the Year: $20,000
National Coach of the Year: $30,000

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